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View a collection of Facial Plastic surgery before and after photos to understand how this procedure can rejuvenate your appearance.
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Hair Reconstructive Scalp Photo Gallery

Patient 1

Patient 2 : Scalp avulsion from auto injury repaired.

Patient 3 : Burn alopecia scar, reduced.

Patient 4 : Temple hair loss from radition treatment for skull bone malignancy reconstructed with expanded flap.

Patient 5 : Burn alopecia scalp reconstruction final result.

Patient 6 : Artificial hair implants and one week after complex repair.

Patient 7 : Ehtnic hair traction alopecia repaired with follicular unit grafts.

Patient 8 : Ethnic hair traction alopecia repaired with scalp reduction.

Patient 9 : This patient also had a burn scar that was treated with a scalp rotational flap.

Patient 10 : 1000 hair grafts followed by scalp expansion and hairline lowering.