Am I risking messing up my nose by having surgery for something minor?

Question: I see in online forums a lot of people who are unhappy with their nose jobs. I’m interested in just some minor improvements to my nose, really just a matter of refining it, but all these forums make me nervous. I don’t hate my nose, and really I’d be okay if I didn’t get anything done to it, so am I risking messing it up by having surgery for something minor?

Answer: Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure and can result in patient dissatisfaction when goals and expectations are not made clear prior to surgery.  It cases of significant deformity, it may also require the expertise of a plastic surgeon who is experienced in revision and complicated rhinoplasty.  A patient with a relatively minor deformity can rest assured that he/she is likely to have a satisfactory outcome if a thoughtful plan to address those concerns is laid out with an experienced surgeon.  The majority of poor outcomes, as posted on online forums, are due to poor communication between the patient and surgeon regarding goals and expectations.

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