Any tips for making the transition from hair piece to transplanted hair?

Question: I have been wearing a hair piece for years now but I would like to get a hair transplant. Do you have any tips for making the transition from hair piece to transplant without it being too obvious?

Answer: One way to transition between a hairpiece and hair transplantation is to use a hairpiece that more closely resembles the look a patient will have following hair transplantation.  Since hairpieces do not last forever, one could design the next hairpiece with longer, thinner hair and a higher hairline.  This allows the patient to practice styling techniques and also makes for a gradual, less obvious transition.  The new hairpiece could be worn even after the transplantation as the newly transplanted grafts are growing.  This strategy requires some coordination between the patient, surgeon, and hairpiece prothetist, but can be well worth the effort.

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