Are Keloids Destroying Your Confidence? Contact a Plastic Surgeon

If you’ve never seen a keloid, consider yourself lucky. They typically occur in 10 to 40 year-olds with African American, Asian, or Hispanic heritage. While they are not harmful, they are very apparent. You’ll try to keep them hidden to avoid others comments or stares. Being self-conscious of your looks is one of the biggest problems with a keloid.

What is a Keloid?

A keloid is a growth of additional scar tissue that forms following some injury to the skin. These growths can develop from burns, cuts, pimples, punctures, and scratches. They are often lumpy and friction from clothing can cause them to become irritated. They range in color from flesh tone to very dark red.

It’s possible for a keloid to develop on any part of your body, but they are most common on the chest, earlobe, neck, shoulder, and upper back. The growth ranges in size from an inch and up, growing larger than the original wound.

When exposed to sun, keloids usually become more tan than your skin. This darker appearance may not decrease. It’s best to cover your keloid with a bandage before heading to a pool or beach.

Treatments for a Keloid

While you do not need to remove a keloid scar unless it is tender or irritated, you may not like its appearance and may want it removed. Possible treatments range from corticosteroids and cryotherapy to laser treatments and surgical removal.

It is possible for keloids to return, so it’s best to get a professional to remove it. When treated correctly, the chances for a keloid to return decrease. Look for a plastic surgeon with experience with keloid removal for the best results.

Do you have a keloid that you want removed? Talk to Dr. Kabaker about having the extra scar tissue removed. He will walk you through the procedure and discuss the best way to prevent the keloid from returning. To schedule an appointment at his Oakland office, fill out the online form or call (415) 379-9015.

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