Can You Hide Your Plastic Surgery? Should You?

With Renee Zellweger’s “new look” taking the media by storm these past few weeks, the words plastic surgery have been on gossip fodder. The constant did-she or didn’t-she debate is a quiet rumble online, on TV, and in fashion magazines, basically everywhere you look. She’s not talking, and it seems that she’s enjoying the attention, but would you? Many prospective cosmetic surgery patients are terrified at the idea of being found out. There’s nothing wrong with having “a little work done” to maintain or improve your look, especially if it makes you happy. Even so, many would rather have their surgery in private. Can you hide your plastic surgery from friends, family, and coworkers? And should you really bother?

Opt for Subtle Changes

In her public statement to the press, Zellweger said she is glad we all think she looks different, but she hasn’t done anything drastic. She claims that a healthy lifestyle has reshaped her brows, cheeks, and chin, but plastic surgeons are being asked for their thoughts. The vast majority disagree, claiming the changes are too drastic and too obvious not to be the result of surgery.

That’s a lesson for those who want to change the way they look with cosmetic surgery and keep it a secret. If you’re not looking to set off alarm bells, subtle changes are your best option. Focus on one feature at a time and aim for small but important changes. A rhinoplasty surgery, for example, doesn’t need to change the entire shape of your nose if you’re really just looking to refine the tip. Be careful in your choices and don’t take on too many procedures at once. It’s much harder to hide the differences if they span a wider surface area of the face.

Use Your Hair to Your Advantage

Women especially have one key element of distraction on their side: a new hairstyle. When you’re undergoing a procedure of any kind, stop at the salon first and go for something really different. Add or eliminate bangs, change the color, go for a dramatically short length, anything to divert the attention for your surgical results. This technique can be really effective at covering work to the forehead, brow, and eyes, although it can help after other surgeries too. When people see you and start wondering what’s different, the haircut and color is a quick and easy answer. They’ll likely stop looking for differences once they’ve complemented you on the new ‘do.

Be Careful With Your Scars

When you work with your facial plastic surgeon to design the right aesthetic procedure for you, consider the placement of your incisions and how much they will scar after everything has healed. For many patients, especially those working with a skilled surgeon, their incisions will be nearly invisible. In some cases, however, the risks of scarring are nearly unavoidable. Even if your surgeon is able to hide them in the natural creases of your skin, they may show up as a permanent reminder of your surgery. Take steps to ensure that your scarring is minimal after every surgery and discuss your concerns with your facial plastic surgeon. He can recommend some of the skincare treatments available to you and may even provide consultation on scar removal procedures if needed.

Embracing the New You

Going to all this trouble to hide the desired results of your cosmetic procedures might seem like a lot of effort. For many patients, the decision to hide their surgery from others seems impractical afterwards. You might even have a change of heart yourself, especially when you see how well you look now. Zellweger’s denial of any “work” might be frustrating, but remember that she was brave enough to create the look she wanted for herself and then step out into the public eye. If you’re hoping for the bravado to do the same, just remember how happy you are to be the “new you.”

Cosmetic surgery does carry a stigma, but mostly with people who’ve never had it. Those who have understand the power aesthetic changes have to boost self-esteem and improve self-confidence. If your procedure changed your life, you may be inspired to share the experience with others and help them find the solutions they’re looking for too. There is nothing truly wrong with opting for surgical or nonsurgical changes to improve your own aesthetics, especially when you consider the money spent on skincare treatments, beauty products, haircare, salon visits, and spa treatments. While there are definitely ways to cover up your cosmetic changes, you might be surprised to discover that you don’t even want to anymore.

Plan Your New You Today

Let Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker guide you through the process to plan the right treatment plan to enhance your natural beauty while achieving the results you desire. As the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experiences Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgeon and Hair Transplant Specialist, he is both the founder and director of California’s longest standing office surgery facility and the past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He received his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine before serving in the US Army Medical Corps and seeing active duty in Vietnam. Dr. Kabaker has become the world’s leading authority on hairline lowering surgery as well as an internationally recognized authority on facial plastic surgery and hair/scalp reconstruction surgery. Today, he serves as the AAFPRS fellowship director of young facial plastic surgeons while delivering satisfactory results to his patients. To book a consultation with Dr. Kabaker, contact his office located at 3324 Webster Street in Oakland, California by calling (415) 379-9015.

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