Can I see my face with different noses?

Question: I have been looking at my nose in profile a lot recently. I don’t like it. There is nothing specific, no hump, no big moles, no huge nostrils. But it is unremarkable and I don’t like it. Can I just get a completely different nose with rhinoplasty? During my consultation, can I see my face with different types of noses on it?

Answer: Many experts believe that an “unremarkable” nose is ideal because it draws attention toward other facial features that are more important socially, such as the eyes and lips. Most patients seeking rhinoplasty have some remarkable, undesirable feature of their nose that they wish to have changed. The goal is to have the nose in harmony with other facial features and NOT stand out. It is important for patients undergoing rhinoplasty to identify what they do not like about the appearance of their nose and to discuss this with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Many changes can be made with rhinoplasty surgery, but goals and expectations should be established ahead of time.

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