Chin Augmentation for a Confident, Defined Jawline

Many people will find that others’ impressions of them may be connected to the appearance of their chin. A strong and defined jawline is generally associated with a strong and confident personality, and patients therefore are often interested in achieving more definition in this area. Due to the prevalence of action heroes with strong, square jaws, chin augmentation is a particularly popular cosmetic procedure for men.

Augmentation of the chin can be achieved in a variety of ways. Some surgeons will begin with temporary non-invasive treatments such as fillers before moving on to a more permanent solution. I do not do this.  Permanent alteration of the shape of the jawline can be achieved though the insertion of an implant and if it is unsatisfactory, It can easily be removed.

Genioplasty, or mandibular advancement, is a procedure that involves sliding the lower jaw forward. Incisions are made inside the mouth, and the surgeon cuts the jawbone in a way that allows it to be slid forward. Due to the bone involvement, healing from a genioplasty can be more significant that an implant, but in some cases this procedure is better suited to the needs of the patient. This should be done by a surgeon with skills and experience in maxillofacial surgery.

In other cases, such as wanting to create a wider jaw, implants may be more appropriate. Inserting an implant is relatively simple and quick. Having had vast experience with alternative incisions, I place all my chin implants from a small incision beneath the chin.  The implant is then placed directly against the bone. A variety of implant materials are available, and what is best for you will depend on your needs and your surgeon’s preferences. Materials include silicone, Goretex, Med-por, and Mersilene mesh, with silicone being the most common and my preference. Occasionally, some surgeons may choose to use a piece of your own bone, which may be harvested from a rib or the pelvis. I feel this is unnecessary and more prone to complications. Why has a second operative site?

If you are interested in exploring what a chin augmentation could do for you, contact facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sheldon Kabaker of Oakland, California, at (415) 379-9015.

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