Deterioration of a hair transplant result

Question: I would like to know why hairs turn thin, wiry and unmanageable and how we, as hair transplant recipients, are supposed to stop it from happening. I have asked hair transplant doctors this question repeatedly but no one can give me a straight answer. In short, what is the point of transplanting hairs into a man of 30 years old, when by the time he’s 50-60 there is a high likelihood his hairs are going to be thin, gray and cosmetically worthless?

Answer: The wiry, frizzy problem was seen more often in the old days when large plugs were done. No one has ever had a good explanation as to why it occurred. I totally agree with the point about young men being transplanted only to look balding again later in life. The long term result depends so much on the hereditary aspects of the balding pattern. And those men whose ancestors progressed to Norwood class 7 are likely to lose the transplanted hair. This has to be thoroughly discussed before a hair transplant is considered.

There is a growing belief that the continued use of DHT blocker drugs may retard this inevitable loss of hair. However, I would not bet on it for the 30 year period we are discussing. If you had a nice result in your 30’s and 40’s, the transplant might have been worthwhile. Only you can make that determination.

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