Do you use the open-tip technique?

Question: I have a nose that is too wide at the tip. I would like this reduced in size and I would also like the nose shortened. Do you use the open-tip technique with an incision across the columella? Is general anesthesia suggested or required?

Answer: Narrowing the nasal tip and shortening the length of the nose are both changes that can be made by rhinoplasty. This is achieved by trimming and shaping the cartilage of the nasal tip. Most plastic surgeons do this via the “open” technique where an incision is made across the columella. This gives the best view of the cartilages to ensure symmetry, and the scar from this approach is very well hidden. It is possible to perform some of these maneuvers via the “closed” technique, and in the hands of an experienced surgeon can have a very good result. Most rhinoplasties are performed under general anesthesia, but it is not absolutely required.

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