I don’t want my face altered or lifted/tightened in any way

In researching forums, a physician referenced to expect a slight rise in eyebrow after the hairline lowering procedure. Reading that alarmed me as I don’t want my face altered or lifted/tightened in any way. Is there risk of this occurring?

Who said that? I doubt if it is anyone who has experience with this operation when it is done for the sole purpose of lowering the hairline. If a brow lift is also desired by the patient, additional steps are taken to achieve such an effect. I add an additional charge for the additional time, expense and effort. Adding release of the forehead and brows at the level of the superior and lateral orbital rims (the eye sockets) does raise and bring the brows closer to the hairline and makes the forehead look shorter. This maneuver, however, does not actually lower the hairline further.

It is a bit of oversimplification to describe the hairline lowering operation as the reverse of a hairline brow lift as some surgeons have done.

To complete discussion on this subject, I can state that sometimes when there is mild forehead swelling after the surgery, the brows can look elevated for a few days. I have never had anyone have permanent brow elevation when it was not desired.

My greatest concern usually is trying to get the hairline as low as some patients want without having a two stage expansion process. If one would undergo this additional work we can lower the hairline to any level and often reshape it with dense hair. However this 4-6 week process is best done with the patient living or staying in my area. Last Monday we lowered a hairline 4.5 cm on a very tight scalp after the expansion process.

This is a long answer to your question which is “no”.

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