Hipster Look Behind a Surge in Facial Hair Transplants

facial hair transplants in Oakland
The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery released the key points of its recent member survey. Since 2005, when the first survey was taken, hair transplants have increased by 85 percent. Among these transplants comes rather surprising news: some men are seeking facial hair transplants in order to follow the current hipster trend.

Hipsters are the modern day Bohemian. One thing many associate with hipsters is shaggy hair, thick mustaches, and a scruffy beard, though not every hipster has them. For men who do want the scruffy beard, full mustache, or thick sideburns associated with the hipster look, the facial hair may not fill in correctly. No one wants a beard that has bald spots or areas of thin growth. A thin mustache or patchy sideburns are also not ideal. This is where a facial hair transplant helps.

 What is a Facial Hair Transplant?

Facial hair transplants incorporate the same process as a hair transplant. Hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head and transplanted to areas on the face where you want thick hair growth. To harvest the hair, a strip of the scalp is taken. Sections of that scalp are then dissected under a powerful microscope to divide the follicles. Hair restoration surgeons can get more than 1,000 hairs from just a five centimeter strip of scalp tissue.

Once the follicles are divided, they are implanted into tiny incisions made on the face. Local anesthesia prevents you from feeling any pain or discomfort during the procedure. To ensure the follicles do not dry out during this lengthy procedure, other specialists work with the surgeon to monitor the moisture level of each follicle until it is transplanted.

 What is the Recovery Like?

Following a facial hair transplant, a surgical dressing may be applied to the site where the hair follicles were harvested. This is the only dressing you will have following a facial hair restoration surgery. Any stitches used to close the incision on the back of the head come out after approximately two weeks. Recovery is fairly minimal and most men feel comfortable going out in public within three to seven days afterward.

 How Much Does it Cost?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact hair transplant cost without seeing a hair restoration surgeon. Every case is different, and the price depends on the number of hairs you need transplanted. Per the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 2012’s estimated 310,600 hair transplant surgeries led to approximately $1.9 trillion. That breaks down to an estimated average of $6,200. You can use this estimate to get an idea of what the procedure costs, but talk to your surgeon to get a better idea of what your facial hair transplant will cost.

Read Dr. Sheldon Kabaker’s blog titled Declining Razor Sales Signify a Growing Trend to learn more about facial and beard hair transplants. To discuss your own facial hair transplant, start with a consultation. The Oakland, California, hair restoration surgeon is happy to answer your questions about hair transplants. Call (415) 379-9015 to schedule an appointment.


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