How can I make my nose look more feminine and smaller?

Question: I’m an African American female. I’ve never liked that my nose is really big and seems like it would look better on a man (my brother has the same nose and its fine on him). How can I make my nose look more feminine and smaller?

Answer: There are several things that can be done during a rhinoplasty procedure to change the appearance of the nose, including making it appear more feminine and smaller.  Some features typically seen in people of African descent include a wide, flat nasal bridge and larger nostrils.  Both of these features can be addressed with rhinoplasty, but it is important to discuss specific concerns with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.  This is especially true when a patient would like to change certain nasal features while still preserving some ethnic aspects.  Narrowing the nasal bridge typically involves reshaping the nasal bones in this area to a more “peaked” configuration.  Changing the shape of the nostrils can be done by several techniques that alter the size and position of the cartilage in this area.

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