I’m interested in getting a facelift

I’m interested in getting a facelift. I understand that the scar can go both in front of and behind the ear. I tend to wear my hair up and am concerned that I won’t be able to after the surgery as the scar will be very noticeable. Is it possible for women to wear their hair off of their face as in a ponytail after a facelift?

The goal of a facelift incision is to place it in areas where it will be camouflaged. Typically, a facelift incision is placed both in front of and behind the ear following the natural curvature. This being said, there are still variations in the placement of the incision, and you should be sure to ask your surgeon about placement of incisions. Some surgeons place part of the incision within the hairline over the temple while others place it at the margin of the hairline in the sideburn region. Scar formation goes through many stages and is not complete until a full year after surgery. They can vary from patient to patient, and some may experience more redness than others. Generally, they are usually well-hidden in natural creases and in hair-bearing areas so that women can wear their hair back and not be concerned about visible scars.

Posted by Sheldon Kabaker M.D. FACS

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