Is it possible to get a facelift to my cheeks?

Question: I’m 28 and I lost a lot weight recently. I’ve noticed that my cheeks look very droopy and saggy. I know that I’m young, but is it possible to get a facelift to fix this?

Answer: Facelift following massive weight loss is a common procedure. Facial aging is a combination of loss of volume and sagging of the facial tissues. Facial fat actually makes people look younger because it plumps and lifts the skin. With weight loss, there is loss of facial fat and the skin then droops. In a younger person, there may be enough skin elasticity such that the skin can tighten up following the weight loss and still provide a good contour. Patients should be weight stable for at least one year following a massive weight loss before considering a facelift. This will give adequate time for the facial skin to self-tighten. This self-tightening will be less in older individuals, who will likely need a facelift. Younger individuals may be able to postpone a facelift for several decades. It is best to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon who can evaluate the severity of the skin sagging and the likelihood that it will get better on its own without a facelift.

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