Is there such a thing as a “simple” rhinoplasty?

Question: Twice in the past few months I have had someone comment rudely on the crookedness of my nose. It looks misshapen to me and always has. I would like my nose reshaped with a simple rhinoplasty. Is there such a thing as a simple rhinoplasty or do all nose jobs have some degree of danger associated with them?

Answer: A nose described as “crooked” may have several issues to be addressed, so a “simple” rhinoplasty may not be the right solution.  A small nasal deformity can often be addressed with a limited rhinoplasty procedure focusing on that specific issue, such as shaving down a dorsal hump or shaping the nasal tip.  In patients with a more extensive deformity involving the bone, cartilage, and/or septum, more complex procedures are often necessary.  Although there is risk with any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty is typically not considered dangerous.

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