Lip Enhancement

Lips have been a focus of cosmetic enhancement for centuries. Ancient populations used pigments on the lips to make them appear plumper and fuller. In modern times, we have at our disposal not only the countless commercially available lipsticks but a number of medical procedures that can enhance the lips. Sometimes, patients find that as they age, their lips lose volume along with other areas of the face. For others, fuller lips are something they have always desired. There are a number of options for any patient considering lip enhancement.

For those who do not want a surgical procedure, dermal fillers are excellent options. Many types of fillers are available, including collagen and hyaluronic acid. Benefits of using a filler to enhance your lips include that the procedures are simple and quick, with just a few injections required. There is essentially no recovery time involved. Fillers can also be a great way for patients to experience what their lips will look like, and find the look that is right for them, before committing to a more permanent procedure. The downside is that they are temporary, and to maintain the effect the injections must be repeated periodically.

There are more permanent options available for those interested in a surgical solution. When the problem is a sagging upper lip due to aging, a lip lift can be of benefit. This procedure involves removing a sliver of skin from underneath the nose, which has the effect of exposing more of the pigmented lip.

Many patients are also benefitting from modern lip implants. These include soft tubular materials such as Advanta, and Perma silicone implants. Perma implants have the advantage of being customizable, as the implant is cut and shaped for each individual patient. Implants and lip lifts both have the benefit of being permanent solutions. However, as they are surgical procedures, there are risks, and there is recovery time involved.

If you are interested in discussing a procedure to improve your lips, contact Oakland facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sheldon Kabaker at 800-914-4247 to schedule a consultation.

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