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Rhinoplasty (Surgery of the nose)

As the central feature of one’s face, the nose is arguably the most important structure in determining identity, and influencing the balance and harmony of the face. So, it is easy to see why nasal deformities, however minor, can affect facial beauty. In addition, nasal shape can affect function as well as form, given the nose’s significant role in breathing. Surgical reshaping of the nose to improve its appearance and function can therefore be very influential in improving a patient’s self-image and confidence, and even a slight alteration can greatly improve one’s appearance.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Occasionally, a patient who has had a rhinoplasty in the past may want further refinements to the nose. Other patients may develop nasal breathing problems after a rhinoplasty. In these cases, a revision rhinoplasty is needed.

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Facelift, Neck Lift

Because the face displays the signs of aging more than any other body feature, it is not surprising that so many people have sought treatment to reverse these facial changes. Often, such patients do not want to simply look younger; rather, they want their faces to show the vitality and youthful energy that they feel. They are worried that the changes of aging make them appear tired, angry, and anxious, when they actually feel vibrant and energetic. A facelift is very effective at reversing these signs of aging.

Many types of facelift have been developed, from the invasive but long-lasting deep plane facelift to the several less invasive but still beneficial mini facelifts. These procedures are all offered at the Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery Our Clinic. Often, the less invasive procedures can be done under local anesthesia with minimal sedation, and entail a shorter recovery period.

Lifting neck skin is often done during a facelift, but a neck lift can also be performed on its own. This procedure is very effective at tightening the skin of the upper neck and area below the chin, and eliminating the turkey-gobbler appearance that extra tissue can create.

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Midface Lift

This relatively new procedure can correct deep smile lines (nasolabial folds or grooves), sagging cheeks, and prominent lower eye sockets caused by the aging process. Also, this procedure can correct the cheek depressions seen in those people who have a gaunt appearance from weight loss or extreme physical conditioning.

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The eyes are perhaps the most expressive parts of a face, so aging changes like sagging skin and protruding bags of the lower lid can greatly affect one’s appearance. These complaints can be corrected with cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, called blepharoplasty. Occasionally patients may need an upper blepharoplasty to improve vision that may be obstructed by sagging skin.

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Brow Lift

Often the earliest signs of aging involve descent of the eyebrows. This can be associated with deep wrinkles of the forehead, and an angry or anxious look. Lifting the brows can improve all of these conditions. There are several methods of raising eyebrows which vary in the placement of incisions, degree of lift, and effect on the hairline.

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Otoplasty and Earlobe Reconstruction

Ear position and size are usually inherited traits, and for those patients with large or protruding ears, their appearance can be lead to decreased self confidence and even embarrassment. Ear position and size can be improved with otoplasty, or cosmetic surgery of the ears.

Aging of the ears affects mainly the lobes, as they grow in size and descent. Also, patients with pierced ears may notice the piercing hole becoming larger over time. These conditions can be improved with reconstruction of the lobes.

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Facial Implants

Changes of facial aging include not only descent of tissue, but also loss of tissue volume. This loss of volume is most noticeable in the cheeks, but affects other facial regions as well. An excellent and permanent way to correct this change is the placement of facial implants. Other patients may have congenitally recessed chins, cheeks, or other facial features, and can benefit from implants.

Cheek Augmentation

This procedure is done to correct sunken aging cheeks, or poorly developed cheekbones. Cheek implants can improve facial harmony by giving greater definition to the cheekbones, achieving better balance with the rest of your face. Implants are placed in a pocket between the cheek bones and overlying soft tissue.

Chin Augmentation

A more pleasing, balanced profile can be achieved by inserting an implant to build up a receding chin. The results can be greater facial harmony and an increase in self-confidence.

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Trauma Repair, Scar Revision

Repair of soft tissue trauma, such as cuts (lacerations) and abrasions, can be performed at our clinic. After evaluation at local emergency departments, many patients call our clinic to make an urgent appointment. Closing a facial wound by one of our facial plastic surgeons can reduce the chance of scarring, and give you the peace of mind that your injuries are getting the best possible attention. Nasal fractures are also frequently treated at our clinic.

Scars from prior trauma or surgery can often be removed and repaired to improve appearance. This includes the removal of keloids, which have the lowest chance of recurrence if properly treated.

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