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Otoplasty is a procedure designed to reshape and correct such prominent or deformed ears.

The result is a more natural and cosmetically pleasing ear that allows those treated to improve their appearance and regain their confidence. In both children and adults, prominent or deformed ears can have a dramatically negative impact on ones self-esteem leading to self-consciousness and general unhappiness.

Often the ears become a problem in childhood. The ears often are fully developed by age 7 and if they protrude, the child is often subject to ridicule.

Long hair styling can obviate this problem for many years, but in adulthood these ears, once again, can become the subject of concern with short hairstyles, especially those now favored by men. The ears can be corrected at any age. Dr. Kabaker can perform the ear surgery in one to two hours in his office providing immediate and often dramatic improvement.

Otoplasty Procedure

During the procedure, an incision is made behind the ear, in a natural and inconspicuous skin fold. Typically, both cartilage and skin will be removed and if necessary, Dr. Kabaker will sculpt the ear cartilage into the desired shape. Permanent sutures are used to re-create the natural folds within the ear in order to make the ear look natural and attractive to look at.

Before & After Photos

Otoplasty Recovery

Post-operatively, there is usually mild discomfort that is easily treated with pain relievers. You will have a head bandage on for 24 hours after the procedure which will be taken off in the office on the following day. Usually the ears are rebandaged for 3-4 more days and a sweatband-like dressing is worn at night for 4-6 weeks.

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