Rhinoplasty: Removing a Hump

One of the most common cosmetic procedures is rhinoplasty, and one of the most common corrections made during a rhinoplasty procedure is the removal of a hump. Most noses have a slightly convex shape to the bridge of the nose, and for some this results in too much of a defined hump, so people often desire to reduce the convexity.

It is important to understand a bit about the anatomy of the nose. The bridge of the nose is made up of both bone and cartilage. The upper portion, about a third of the length of the nose, is formed by the two nasal bones, and below them, the nose is shaped by a cartilage structure. The hump can be due to an excess of either of these materials, and can exist anywhere along the length of the nose. In some cases, the appearance of a hump may be due to a nose that was broken. The way the structures heal and the scar tissue formed can create a hump in the nose as well.

Depending on the anatomy of your particular nose and hump, your surgeon will come up with a surgical plan for how to correct it. In the case of a minimal alteration, the process can be fairly simple and may just involve a bit of filing along the bridge of the nose. In more involved cases, your surgeon may perform a procedure called an osteotomy, which involves inserting an implement called an osteotome into the nose below the skin to cut through the excess cartilage and bone.

Care must also be taken not to remove too much of either bone or cartilage. It is important to remember that the bony and cartilaginous structures of the nose are the entire support structure for the nose. Removing too much material can result in portions of the nose collapsing and may cause breathing problems. If your surgeon thinks too much material needs to be or has been removed, he may be able to use grafts to support the nose and prevent collapse.

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