Shaving frontal bone during forehead reduction surgery

Question: Hello. I have been researching the forehead reduction surgery. Some surgeons will shave down the frontal bone and some do not. Does Dr. Kabaker reduce the frontal bone?

Answer: I do not shave bone or recommend it unless there is a prominent masculine ridge at or above the brows.

I assume you are male and have had no hair loss or a family history of it. It is preferable that you are over 30. There has to be adequate scalp and forehead laxity which I have to determine. Not everyone has this. Also, you should be willing to have hair transplants later in life if you lose hair in the front. If you have had prior hair transplants, I might make some exceptions or reject you as a patient if you had a large linear graft harvest. I do this operation on males only after extensive evaluation and following very strict criteria.

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