Should I be concerned by the dent on my nose?

Question: I’m four months post op from surgery to correct a hump and drooping tip. I feel happy with my nose but at my last visit my doctor said that revision surgery is needed to correct a dent on the right side. I thought you needed to wait for all the swelling to go down, at least a year everyone says, before determining whether or not to do any revision work. Should I be concerned by this?

Answer: It is typically advised to wait at least one year prior to revision rhinoplasty, but this is not absolutely mandatory in certain rare instances.  If the surgeon is aware of a specific situation in which he or she feels that an earlier revision is warranted, this could be considered.  If the deformity is not apparent to the patient, who is otherwise satisfied with the result, it may be something very subtle or internal that the surgeon believes could be problematic later on.  It is important to discuss the exact nature of the proposed revision surgery with the surgeon who performed the initial rhinoplasty, to understand the reasoning behind the revision better.

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