Burn Trauma

Reclaiming Lost Hair From Burn Trauma

Reclaiming Lost Hair From Burn TraumaBurn trauma can leave behind both physical and emotional scars. Unfortunately, burning accidents are all too common among children and adults as kitchen appliances, smoking, candles, and lighters are within nearly every home in the U.S. As a victim of a burn trauma, you may experience hair loss and trauma to the scalp, making it difficult to grow new hair and reclaim some of your physical characteristics again. Through the process of hair transplantation, surgeons are now able to help many burn victims to begin recovering inside and out.

Features of Burn Trauma on the Scalp

When the hair and scalp are involved in a burning accident, permanent hair loss is often one of the results. Many burn victims also experience thick scar tissue along the area of the scalp and face, making surgical interventions seem more difficult. Blood supply can become a concern as well, especially to the scarred areas. Various side effects can also occur based on the type of burns and degree of trauma sustained. Your hair transplant specialist can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your trauma effects and a comprehensive plan to replace hair to the affected area.

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