The Thread Lift vs. A Real Facelift

Due to the visibility of our faces, and the fact that it shows more signs of aging than other areas, there is a lot of focus on different types of facelifts. A traditional facelift is a time proven procedure and, as such, it has predictable outcomes. Some people, either because they can’t afford the money or time involved in such a procedure, or because they simply want a quicker result, are turning to newer, less invasive options.

Traditional facelift procedures involve incisions along the hairline from the temples to around and behind the ears. Through these incisions, your facial plastic surgeon can access the layers of muscle or connective tissue underneath the skin, lift them, and secure them in a more youthful position, along with the outer layer of skin. This ensures a complete and natural result.

One of the newer, less invasive facelift procedures is known as the thread lift. A thread lift is performed by inserting barbed threads under the skin with a needle. The barbs on the threads allow the surgeon to use the threads to lift the skin, requiring minimal incisions, and producing minimal scarring. Patients generally resume full activity within a week, and side effects are limited as are the results. A version of this technique used to lift the cheek pads has proven to be effective.

However, due to the nature of this non-invasive procedure, the corrective potential of a thread lift is limited. This type of procedure is unable to affect the changes in the distribution of facial tissues that happens as we age. It does not remove any of the excess sagging skin, so this remains on the face and is visible after the procedure. A recent study found that while initially some improvement in appearance was achieved, the result disappeared by around a year post-procedure. The physicians involved felt that the initially apparent results were probably attributable to inflammation.

Patients who are interested in a natural, lasting result should consider investing the time and expense in a facelift. In the long run, it will be more cost effective. If you are interested in whether a facelift is right for you, contact Dr. Sheldon Kabaker of Oakland, CA, today to schedule a private consultation:(415) 379-9015.

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