Will a hair transplant damage the existing hairs on my scalp?

Question: I’m interested in having a hair transplant to some thinning areas on my scalp. Will this risk damaging the existing hairs in the area?

Answer: Permanent risk to existing neighboring hair on the scalp following hair transplantation is rare. Some patients will experience what is called “shock loss”, which is temporary loss of the neighboring existing hairs that become stressed when new follicles are transplanted into the area. This situation almost always resolves after a few months however. It is also possible that the existing hair follicles could become damaged from the multiple, tiny incisions that are made in the scalp to accommodate the new hair follicles. For this reason, it is best to have hair transplantation performed by a surgeon who is experienced in this procedure to ensure that the most delicate techniques are utilized to protect both the existing and transplanted follicles.

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