Are there differences in the anatomy of the nose?

Question: Obviously there are differences in the way noses look between Caucasian people and people of ethnicity, but are there differences in the anatomy of the nose as well that come in to play for rhinoplasty?

Answer: Ethnic variation in the appearance of the nose is, for the most part, due to differences in the underlying anatomy, and these differences can effect how rhinoplasty is performed, although the principles are the same. For example, the nasal bones of people of African and Asian descent are often positioned differently such that the bridge of the nose appears wider and flatter. Conversely, other ethnicities are sometimes notable for a hump on the bridge of the nose. The shape of the cartilage in the nasal tip can also vary between ethnic groups and lead to a bulbous appearance and/or wide nostrils. Finally, differences in the thickness of skin and fatty tissue over the nose are often related to a person’s ethnicity. All these factors can impact the techniques used in rhinoplasty and the final result achieved.

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