Can a revision rhinoplasty performed earlier than one year after the first surgery?

Question: Are there any exceptions in which revision rhinoplasty can be performed earlier than one year after the first surgery?

Answer: There are always exceptions, but waiting one year before performing revision rhinoplasty is a generally wise principle.  Even though a residual deformity following a rhinoplasty may appear obvious with a straightforward plan for correction, it is difficult to predict how the nose will finally appear once swelling subsides and the normal healing process occurs.  It can take as long as one year to have a sense of the final outcome.  This time period will give the patient and surgeon time to follow the progress and come up with a thoughtful plan in the event that any revisions would need to be done.  The surgeon who performed the surgery has the best knowledge of what was done in the procedure, and the best timing and strategies for revision.  It also avoids unnecessary, premature revision surgeries that could make a small deformity even worse.

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