Can a rhinoplasty correct my thick nose without scar tissue forming?

Question: I have heard that good plastic surgeons can do wonders. I have a thick nose. The nostrils are very wide, the skin on the nostrils is thick and I have a wide bridge. Can rhinoplasty correct these defects without scar tissue forming?

Answer: Rhinoplasty can improve undesirable features, such as wide nostrils and a wide nasal bridge.  The thickness of nasal skin cannot be changed, and in fact, thick nasal skin can make it more difficult to notice changes in the cartilage and bone underneath.  That should be taken into account when discussing rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon.  Any surgical procedure that involves cutting or disrupting the tissues will result in scar tissue, since it is a normal part of healing.  Plastic surgeons use techniques and strategies to minimize and camouflage scars to the greatest extent possible.

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