Caring for Your Radiant New Skin Post Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a common and effective treatment for a variety of skin issues. They can reduce lines and wrinkles, smooth out rough skin, decrease the appearance of dark spots, and create a more even skin tone. However, the success of these treatments does somewhat depend on what you as the patient put into the care of your skin following the procedure.

Chemical peels involve your physician applying a treatment of an acid solution to your skin. This solution soaks in and, over the recovery period, causes the outer layers of your skin to peel off. Underneath this, smoother, younger looking skin is exposed.

After the peel is applied, it is very important that you treat your skin very gently. You want to keep the old skin in place as long as possible since it acts as a natural bandage for the new skin healing below. To do this, you should be very careful to keep the skin from drying out, including applying moisturizer many times throughout the day. Keeping the skin from drying out will also help avoid the tightness, cracking, and stinging that can occur during healing.

Your physician may give you a special cleanser to use to clean your face. It is important to use this gently, dab it on to your face instead of rubbing, and rinse by splashing water on your face. When you are showering, avoid standing with your face directly under the showerhead. Dry your face by patting carefully and gently with a towel.

It is also important to avoid sun exposure. Your physician will tell you when it is safe to apply sunscreen. As long as the skin is peeling, however, it is best to stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you are outside, wearing a wide brimmed hat is advisable.

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