Celebrity Obsession: When Plastic Surgery Plans Go Too Far

Plastic surgery is a useful tool in correcting issues that bother you. You may hate the way your nose droops or how far your hairline has receded. These are normal reasons for seeking cosmetic improvements. For some people, however, facial plastic surgery and hair restoration isn’t about correcting issues; some men and women use the surgeries in order to resemble a celebrity or famous figure.

Sarah Burge

One of the most surprising quests to look like a celebrity comes from England. Fifty-something Sarah Burge spent over $500,000 on plastic surgeries in order to hold the title of being the “Human Barbie” and to hold the Guinness Book of World Records title for most plastic surgeries. While her first plastic surgery, an otoplasty, occurred when she was a young child, her next round stemmed from injuries received during an act of domestic violence.

Since her first surgery, Burge has undergone more than 100 procedures and is proud of the work she’s had done. She’s so proud that she’s given her juvenile daughter gift certificates for breast augmentation and liposuction. She’s had breast implants, a brow lift, buttock implants, cheek implants, chemical peels, dermabrasion, multiple facelifts, fat transfers, fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, liposuction, and two rhinoplasties.

Mikki Jay

For Mikki Jay, her quest involved multiple surgeries to help her look like Michael Jackson. The British impersonator spent thousands on cheek implants, a chin implant, and rhinoplasty surgeries in order to gain the late Jackson’s chiseled facial features. Using her resemblance to the late pop star, Mikki Jay performs regularly for approximately $1,200 to $1,800 per show.

Nicholas Ryan

In the spring of 2013, Nicholas Ryan, an aspiring actor, headed to a facial cosmetic surgeon in hopes of looking more like Ryan Gosling. Nicholas Ryan felt he already shared similarities with the famous actor but needed work done on his jawline to make it more defined.

After spending more than $5,000 on the procedure, Nicholas Ryan claims he is landing more acting jobs. He also claims people are coming up to him and saying he looks a lot like Ryan Gosling.

Toby Sheldon

The current media storm involves 33-year-old Toby Sheldon, a man who’s admitted that he’s spent close to $100,000 on plastic surgeries designed to make him look like Justin Bieber. For the past five years, Sheldon’s undergone blepharoplasty, Botox injections, a lip lift, perma-smile surgery, and hair transplant surgery to look like the young pop star.

Sheldon claims he fears the process of aging and believes that Justin Bieber’s smile is the key characteristic that creates the youthful appearance. The songwriter claims that his surgeries have been successful enough that his friends now call him Toby Bieber.

Be honest with your plastic surgeon about your motivation for cosmetic surgery. While it is one thing to like a specific feature on a star, it’s another to want to make multiple changes to resemble that star. If the only reason you plan to undergo plastic surgery is to look like a Hollywood star, sit down and really consider your motives. With any plastic surgery, the changes you seek should be for you and not to pay tribute to someone you’ve likely never even met. Celebrate your own beauty, not someone else’s.

Before undergoing any cosmetic transformation, make sure you choose the best surgeon for the job. Learn more by reading How to Find a Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Sheldon Kabaker performs plastic surgeries from his Oakland facial plastic surgery and hair restoration practice. Since the early 1970s, he’s taken continuing education courses to stay up-to-date on advancements in cosmetic surgery. Get an honest opinion from the California facial plastic surgeon during a consultation. Call (415) 379-9015 to schedule an appointment.

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