Covering Up Bruising After Eyelid Surgery

After cosmetic eyelid surgery, San Francisco patients are often anxious to get out of the house and return to their normal routine. However, healing from surgery does take time, and there are often side effects like bruising and swelling during the healing process. Although swelling subsides fairly quickly, bruising can last longer and you may find it limits your social activities. With good cosmetics, it can be covered up and camouflaged as soon as your physician tells you it is safe to use make-up products.

Generally, it is possible to resume cosmetic use in roughly a week to ten days after surgery. This gives time for initial healing of incisions, removal of sutures if necessary, and for most of the initial swelling to subside. This is also around the time that it is recommended you resume regular activity. It is, of course, important that you follow your physician’s instructions regarding post-operative care, and you should ask specifically about when it is ok for you to use make-up. It is also very important to avoid using any make-up on any open wounds as this can cause infection.

If you experience severe bruising, camouflage products may be best for you. These are designed to cover up anything, including tattoos, so they are powerful. Brand names include DermaBlend and Cover FX, and they can be found at most department stores or online.

Bruising that is less intense can be covered up with a simple concealer product. To achieve optimal coverage, choose a concealer color opposite the color of your bruising, i.e. for redness use a green concealer and for purple bruising use a yellow concealer. Over this you can use normal makeup. You will also want to avoid metallic eye shadows as these can enhance and draw attention to pores and imperfections. Stick to simpler, more natural looks to show off your new appearance.

If you are interested in discussing an eyelid lift procedure for yourself, contact facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker of Oakland, California, 800-914-4247 to schedule a consultation.

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