Does the S-lift improve the jowls at all?

Question: Does the S-lift improve the jowls at all?

Answer: The S-lift, also known as a short-scar facelift or mini-lift, is a variation of a facelift that involves a smaller, S-shaped skin incision. Like any facelift procedure, the S-lift removes the excess skin that contributes to the formation of jowls, so patients should expect to see an improvement in jowls following an S-lift.  The S-lift also allows the surgeon to tighten the connective tissue layer under the skin called the SMAS. There are many methods that can be used to tighten the SMAS and they provide additional lifting and improvement of jowls. Some abbreviated facelifts do not involve a SMAS tightening step and therefore have less of an effect on the jowls.

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