Eyebrow Anatomy and Types of Brow Lifts

Facial expressions play an important role in interpersonal relations. When people feel that the way their face has aged makes them appear worried, tired or, worse, angry, this can have an impact on work and social life. These appearances are often influenced by the eyebrows and forehead, and may be treated with a brow lift.

The eyebrows are attached to the underlying skeletal structure, and are supported above by the skin and musculature of the forehead. Of course, gravity and time affect these structures just as they do the rest of our bodies. As the tissues weaken over time, the brows can become heavy and begin to sag. As we subconsciously try to correct this sag, we overuse the muscles of the forehead and develop wrinkles.

An endoscopic procedure is the most recently available type of procedure. This is marketed as a less invasive procedure. Four to five small incisions are made along the hairline, through which the surgeon accesses the tissue and muscle to reposition them, aided by tiny cameras. There is little risk of forehead and scalp temporary numbness, the scars are well hidden, and healing time is manageable due to the small incisions.

The greatest effect can be achieved through a coronal lift. In this technique, an incision crosses the top of the head from ear to ear, and a sliver of skin is removed, allowing for the lifting of the brow. However, this technique does come with some risk of side effects. It can result in a raised hairline along with the brows, and the significant incision can take time to heal fully. Temporary forehead numbness can also be a side effect of this procedure. Often a sign cant amount of scalp hair is removed and the hairline is raised. If you have a low hairline and thick hair, this approach is very good.

The incision can also be placed along the hairline. This version of the procedure gives similar results, with the benefit of not raising the hairline. The scar is generally well hidden by the hairline. And, the hairline can even be lowered. This my preferred approach for women.

Dr. Sheldon Kabaker is a facial plastic surgeon located in Oakland, California. If you are interested in whether one of these procedures may be right for you, contact Dr. Kabaker’s office to schedule a consultation: (415) 379-9015.

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