I really don’t like to have a crooked nose

Question: I used to get into trouble when I was a kid and have had my nose broken several times. Now that I am older, I really don’t like to have a crooked nose.  Do you need to re-break it to straighten it out?

Answer: A nasal deformity due to prior nasal trauma and fracture typically involve re-positioning the nasal bones to their correct anatomic position.  This maneuver is called osteotomy, although some patients and surgeons refer to it as “re-breaking” the nose.  During surgery, the osteotomy is performed in a very controlled manner with precise instruments to provide the exact contour desired, so it is quite different than simply “breaking” the nose.  It is possible that a crooked nose is due to prior injury to the septum alone, and in that case, no adjustment to the nasal bones would be required, although this is less common.  Ultimately, an osteotomy may be needed to give the nose the best possible contour, and the patient should be aware of this and have discussed it with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon prior to proceeding.

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