Issues That Make You Look Older Than You Are

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We all want to look as young as we feel, if not younger. Unfortunately, there are certain factors that can make you look older than you are. In a report from Redbook magazine, dermatologists and cosmetic plastic surgeons discussed the signs people often overlook in terms of aging.

Narrow Lips

As you age, collagen stores shrink. Your lips lose volume and fine lines appear around them. According to a Unilever research scientist, narrow lips add five years to your appearance. Lip augmentation can restore volume to your lips and help alleviate lines.

Injectable fillers are one treatment useful in adding volume to the lips. Common fillers include collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers. There are also surgical options that include fat injections, lip implants, and lip lifts.

Hollow Cheeks

Like the lips, the cheeks are prone to hollowing due to the loss of collagen, fatty tissue, and muscle tone that occurs with age. Case Western Reserve University found that women with plumper cheeks looked four years younger than skinnier women of the same age.

Facial fillers are beneficial in adding volume to the cheeks, but there are other options. Cheek implants help correct the sunken cheeks that occur with aging. These implants are placed between the cheek bones and soft tissue that sits over those bones.

Thinning Hair

A full head of hair can shave an average of three years off your appearance. Both men and women are subject to hair loss, though it is more common in men. Common causes range from genetics to stress.

There are over-the-counter and prescription medications to help restore some of your hair loss, but these options usually require long-term use and get costly after months or years. Hair transplants, while more expensive initially, are permanent.

A hair transplant involves the surgical removal of hair follicles from the back or side of your head and then transplantation to the spot where you are balding. The transplanted hair will fall out after a few weeks, but it will regrow. Shedding hair is a normal occurrence.

Everywhere you look, there are men and women who look older than they are because of these and other issues. Glance in the mirror and you’ll see many of these problems making you look older than you are. You have options. Check the before and after pictures at Dr. Sheldon Kabaker’s website to see how hair transplants and surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures can take years off your appearance. Once you’ve seen the possible results, call 1-800-400-7700 to schedule a consultation.

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