It makes me nervous about selecting a doctor. What should I do?

Question: I’ve gone on several consultations with several doctors for a facelift and I’ve gotten so many differing opinions on what would be best for me. Some say I need a mini lift, some say a full face and neck lift, some say no surgery at all and just fillers, and so on. It makes me nervous about selecting a doctor. Shouldn’t all reputable surgeons that I meet be in agreement regarding what would be best for me?

Answer: Facial rejuvenation is a spectrum that ranges from non-surgical techniques, such as neurotoxins (Botox) and fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, etc.), to abbreviated facelifting procedures, to more extensive facelifts. Different providers may recommend different treatments for the aging face based on their specific expertise and what they perceive to be the patient’s deformities and goals. For example, a provider with experience in fillers may be able to achieve an excellent result in a patient with mild to moderate facial aging, whereas another provider may get a comparable or better result from a facelift procedure.  Facelift procedures vary from surgeon to surgeon and are often based on the surgeon’s prior training.  The majority of facelift procedures has the same basic principles and can provide a satisfactory result. A general guideline is that the more extensive the procedure, the more dramatic the final result will be. Sometimes a very nice result can be obtained from a less-invasive procedure, and that should be discussed with the plastic surgeon. The most important factor is finding a surgeon who understands the patient’s goals and expectations and has a thoughtful plan on how to achieve them.

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