Learn From Celebrity Rhinoplasty Success

Society often looks to its celebrities to define beauty. When it comes to making changes to our own looks, many men and women aim for celebrity-like appearances. Facial plastic surgery is a popular way for celebrities, and non-celebrities, to achieve an ideal look, and many famous faces have been greatly improved by surgeries like rhinoplasty. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty for yourself, it might be smart to consider past celebrity nasal surgeries, especially the most successful ones. Always in the spotlight, there are many celebrities who have made rhinoplasty really work for them. Read on for a few lessons we can learn from them.

Keep Changes Simple and Subtle

Many prospective rhinoplasty patients are hoping for dramatic results, which they assume means big changes are necessary. The problem with making big changes is how noticeable and obvious those changes will be to your friends, family, and coworkers. To get dramatic results that look natural as well, a subtler approach is often the best way to go.

Take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s nose and you might not think this former Friends star had any work done at all. Early in her career, she did have a rhinoplasty procedure to correct a deviated septum but took the chance to perfect the shape of her nose with a second surgery. It was such a subtle change that even her most devoted fans nearly missed it and now, more than a decade later, it’s long forgotten. To follow in her footsteps, talk to your facial plastic surgeon to determine which changes would bring you the most benefit.

Balance Your Appearance

A balanced appearance is a thing of beauty, as actress Blake Lively understood before having her own rhinoplasty surgery. She focused her surgery on smoothing out the bridge of her nose, which was a little too wide compared to her other features. When this happens, a person’s nose might seem out of proportion, drawing attention away from the eyes, nose, and other features. Making focused adjustments to the bridge of her nose was a wise choice, balancing Blake’s features into a more aesthetic look. In fact, even after surgery, her nose and face appear completely natural because of this well-chosen approach.

When meeting with your facial plastic surgeon, he will take some measurements of your facial structure and nose, as well as your other features. Together, you will be able to plan a rhinoplasty surgery that will create balance for your nose.

Consider Your Profile

The shape of your nose can define your profile, whether it’s curved, hooked, pointed upward, or too straight. In fact, many prospective rhinoplasty patients aren’t happy with the way they look from the side just because of their noses. Singer Ashlee Simpson was one such patient, unhappy with a nose that curved downward and detracted from her overall look. Working with a plastic surgeon, she planned a rhinoplasty to straighten her nasal bridge and change the downward projection of her nasal tip. Doing so changed her entire profile for the better.

You can do the same for your profile by making changes to the shape of your nose. A facial plastic surgeon can provide you with an objective assessment of your overall look and facial profile, as well as advice about what changes could improve it. Make every side your best side with strategic changes to the nasal shape through rhinoplasty surgery.

Little Details, Big Changes

Sometimes, it really is a small detail that makes a prospective rhinoplasty patient unhappy with his or her appearance. Patrick Dempsey felt that a bulbous tip affected the entire look of his nose. Once voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, it seems that Patrick’s rhinoplasty reaped big benefits for the actor. Not only does his nasal tip create better balance, but it also helped achieve a more masculine appearance than his previous “baby face” look. Patrick’s nose has become a perfect complement to his other facial features and appears completely natural because of how specifically targeted his surgery was.

A small feature like the nasal tip can profoundly affect your appearance for the better or worse. Consulting with a facial plastic surgeon is the best way to plan a strategy that is unique to your needs. Work together to plan a rhinoplasty that strategically addresses the concerns you have about your nose, no matter how small.

Find the Right Facial Plastic Surgeon for You

Explore your surgical options forrhinoplasty by contacting an facial plastic surgeon who can provide you with advice. Let Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker guide you through the process to plan the right neck contouring procedure for you. As the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experienced Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgeon and Hair Transplant Specialist, he is both the founder and director of California’s longest standing office surgery facility and the past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He received his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine before serving in the US Army Medical Corps and seeing active duty in Vietnam. Dr. Kabakerhas become the world’s leading authority on hairline lowering surgery as well as an internationally recognized authority on facial plastic surgery and hair/scalp reconstruction surgery. Today, he serves as the AAFPRS fellowship director of young facial plastic surgeons while delivering satisfactory results to his patients. To book a consultation with Dr. Kabaker, contact his office located at 3324 Webster Street in Oakland, California by calling (415) 379-9015.

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