What lifestyle changes should I make after a facelift?

I am a 65 year-old woman who recently had a facelift. What kinds of lifestyle choices should I make so that the results last as long as possible?

Several lifestyle choices can help to prolong the results of a facelift. Avoidance of sun exposure is very important. This can be easily achieved by applying sun block of at least 30 SPF that prevents UVA and UVB exposure every time you are out in the sun (even on cloudy days). Protective headwear such as hats or scarves can also be used in addition to sun block. If you do not smoke, you shouldn’t start, and if you do smoke, you should make every effort to quit as this will continue to cause detrimental effects to your skin and healing capability. Daily use of a facial moisturizer and staying hydrated by drinking the recommended daily intake of water is also beneficial. Lastly, try to maintain an average weight as significant weight loss or gain can affect the appearance and contour of your facial skin.

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