5.0 stars - based on 10 reviews

I love my new hairline!

5.0 stars - Written on July 24, 2019

I love my new hairline and I couldn’t be happier. I have no complaints. I am not feeling very much pain at all. I go about my daily activities and I don’t have any problems.


Wow! Quite the change!

5.0 stars - Written on June 22, 2019

Wow! Quite the change. Thank you so much.


I am privileged to have had you perform my surgery!

5.0 stars - Written on May 14, 2019

Thank you so much! I couldn’t be happier! Never imagined I could have such a nice forehead/ hairline. I am privileged to have had you perform my surgery. I am still in awe!


Dr Kabaker, you are a true artist!

5.0 stars - Written on April 17, 2019

Dr Kabaker and staff, Thank you so much for a great experience! You all were so professional and made me feel comfortable and appreciated and I’m already amazed at the difference my procedure has made from seeing these pics and what I’m already seeing in the mirror just four days later! Dr Kabaker, you are a true artist! I’m grateful for the skills you possess and for finding such an experienced, gifted surgeon! I will update you in 6 weeks with more pics.


It’s amazing!

5.0 stars - Written on March 9, 2019

Thank you for sending me those pictures. It’s amazing. I can clearly see the difference. Please tell Dr. Kabaker that I am glad I had the operation. Thank you!


I am extremely happy with my results!

5.0 stars - Written on February 21, 2019

Dear Dr. Kabaker and Dr. Sheu, I wanted to e-mail you to tell you how thankful I am for all your time and work and for being so helpful in answering my questions and helping me with everything. I am extremely happy with the results and I owe it all to you. Many thanks.


I am VERY VERY happy!

5.0 stars - Written on January 19, 2019

Just a quick update- My scar is healing nicely! I am VERY VERY happy at how quickly it is actually. I keep staring at it in the mirror in disbelief.


The result is exactly what I wanted

5.0 stars - Written on December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas to you Dr Kabaker and all your wonderful staff. Just wanted to send you a wee festive greeting and once again thank you on the superb job you did. The result is exactly what I wanted ? Kind regards.


I really appreciate you all.

5.0 stars - Written on November 16, 2018

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy routines to entertain my anxieties and to put up with my vanity. Promptly answering e-mails and completing all my forms. I really appreciate you all.


I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Kabaker did.

5.0 stars - Written on October 11, 2018

I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Kabaker did. The results are completely natural and I believe I look a lot better. The sagging and jowls are gone and I feel as if I look more like I actually feel. My recovery was quite fast (perhaps enhanced by the arnica I was given); I was able to travel 10 days after the face and brow lift. Dr. Kabaker’s staff was very helpful and patient with all my questions. I went to Dr. Kabaker because he had done a wonderful job with a good friend of mine 10 years earlier (and she still look fabulous) and trusted him to be conservative and completely reliable. I also feel that he is quite an artist and can be counted on to do exactly the kind of surgery that each person needs, so that he or she ends up looking like themselves only younger, better, and more alive.