Asian Foreheads

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Tall foreheads (or high hairlines) occur disproportionately in Asian women, particularly those of Chinese ancestry.

asian forehead reductionLook at the example of the Chinese women’s Olympic gymnastics team. The hair is styled backward for all team members who were 15-17 years of age. One can see the high percentage of high hairlines at this early age. Also the online Asian Plastic Surgery Guide describes this characteristic of Asian foreheads. I strongly disagree with the present statements this site makes about implants as the treatment for this problem. Surgical hairline lowering or hair transplants are the treatments of choice.

Asian Hairline Lowering

The “rice bowl” bangs haircut formerly often seen in Asian women is now out of favor. Hairstyles that expose the hairline, completely or partially, are now in favor throughout the world.

20% of the hairline lowering/forehead reduction procedures I have performed have been on Asian women.

The results have allowed them to wear a variety of feminine hairstyles which was not possible prior to the surgery. The hairline lowering operation is the most efficient and cost-effective way to correct this hairline (or forehead) situation if there is sufficient scalp laxity.

Before & After Photos

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