Revising Your Rhinoplasty: How a Secondary Procedure Is Different

Revising Your Rhinoplasty: How a Secondary Procedure Is DifferentRhinoplasty surgery is perhaps the most complicated and intricate facial plastic surgery. The nose is a delicate structure, comprised of tissue, bone, cartilage, and skin in a complex design. Facial plastic surgeons are highly trained and experienced before ever attempting their first rhinoplasty surgeries, yet mistakes can occur sometimes. Miscommunications, miscalculations, and human error can account for some of the post-surgical issues that leave rhinoplasty patients feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. If you’ve been considering a revision rhinoplasty, or you’re just curious about the process in general, there are several differences between this procedure and your first nasal surgery.

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Are Rhinoplasty Surgeries Different for Men?

Are Rhinoplasty Surgeries Different for Men?Although facial plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty are still largely more popular among women, men can also benefit from these procedures. Rhinoplasty is available to both male and female patients alike and the number of prospective male rhinoplasty patients is actually on the rise. Rhinoplasty patients, regardless of gender, can pursue this surgery to achieve facial symmetry, profile balance, improved self-esteem, and harmony among their facial features. Male patients see the same benefits as women, but will their surgery be performed in the same way?

Men as Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Let’s start at the beginning of the surgical process and discuss the initial rhinoplasty consultation between the facial plastic surgeon and the male patient. During this meeting, every male and female patient alike will be asked specific questions about their medical history, surgical history, current conditions, medications and supplements, and even lifestyle habits. Your facial plastic surgeon asks these questions to get a better understanding of your health, since it is important that you be in good physical condition prior to your surgery. To be a candidate, all patients must not smoke and should have reasonable expectations for surgery.

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Fanny Brice: The First Modern Rhinoplasty Patient

The First Modern Rhinoplasty PatientZiegfield Follies star Fanny Brice is just as well known for her revolutionary rhinoplasty surgery as she is for her musical talent. Sometimes known as the first patient of modern rhinoplasty, Brice’s decision made big waves in her era. In 1923, the idea of changing your aesthetics through surgery was completely alien. Because of Brice, many men and women began to consider the changes they might make for themselves. Looking back nearly 100 years, there is much we can learn from Miss Brice’s unique cosmetic decision.

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The Truth About the Biggest Rhinoplasty Myths

Patients choose rhinoplasty surgery for many different reasons, whether it is an improvement to self-image or a solution to years of breathing troubles. Rhinoplasty, whether performed for cosmetic or medical reasons, can be a life-changing surgery that greatly improves a patient’s life. Sadly, a misunderstanding of what the procedure can […]

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Is It Possible to Be Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

Recent studies have shown that many teenage girls start thinking about plastic surgery around 17, sometimes planning for their first procedure by age 20. An alarmingly small number of these girls claim they would never have plastic surgery, leaving 83 percent actively considering it as an option. Plastic surgery can […]

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