Five Common Myths About Chin Implants

Five Common Myths About Chin ImplantsIn the age of information overload, it’s easy to be misled when it comes to facial plastic surgery and related procedures. No matter how many patients post reviews about their positive experiences with chin augmentation, there will always be a myth or two hanging around to dissuade prospective patients. Getting to the truth can help anyone decide if a procedure like chin enhancement is the right choice for them. In reality, the procedure can offer many incredible benefits to the right patient, so learn more about chin implants so you can make the best decision for yourself.

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How Recent Advancements Have Improved Filler Injection Treatments

How Recent Advancements Have Improved Filler Injection TreatmentsFiller injections offer a temporary and nonsurgical solution for some signs of aging. They provide patients with an alternative to facial surgeries, which means lower risks, fewer side effects, and no downtime. Since filler injections were first introduced, a wide range of brands has emerged, with various formulas targeting particular aging concerns. As a result, the filler injection treatment process has been greatly improved in recent years. If you’ve been considering filler injections to treat your own aging concerns, these changes might help you make your decision.

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Scalp Laxity and Hair Restoration

Scalp Laxity and Hair RestorationIf you’ve considered a hair restoration or hair transplantation procedure, chances are you’ve encountered the term “scalp laxity” in your research. Likewise, you may have discovered that it is an essential element in the hair restoration process, helping your specialist determine what procedures are open to you and what will be required to achieve your desired results. Scalp laxity is an important factor, but it is something that can be managed. With the help of your hair transplant specialist, you can achieve dramatic results from your procedure.

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Facial Plastic Surgery and Common Sports Injuries

Facial Plastic Surgery and Common Sports InjuriesTearing an ACL, MCL, or Achilles tendon may be major sports injuries, but they are ones that can heal with time. When an athlete suffers facial trauma or injury while playing a sport, the effects can last a lifetime without proper medical attention and treatment methods. Facial plastic surgery is one of the best ways to address damage to the face because it can help you reverse those effects once and for all. Two procedures in particular are very helpful for athletes once a facial injury has occurred: scar revision and rhinoplasty.

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Revising Your Rhinoplasty: How a Secondary Procedure Is Different

Revising Your Rhinoplasty: How a Secondary Procedure Is DifferentRhinoplasty surgery is perhaps the most complicated and intricate facial plastic surgery. The nose is a delicate structure, comprised of tissue, bone, cartilage, and skin in a complex design. Facial plastic surgeons are highly trained and experienced before ever attempting their first rhinoplasty surgeries, yet mistakes can occur sometimes. Miscommunications, miscalculations, and human error can account for some of the post-surgical issues that leave rhinoplasty patients feeling disappointed and unsatisfied. If you’ve been considering a revision rhinoplasty, or you’re just curious about the process in general, there are several differences between this procedure and your first nasal surgery.

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Feminine Cheeks and How to Get Them

Surgical Cheek AugmentationHigh, well-defined cheekbones are one of the most coveted feminine traits.

Many women strive to achieve ideal cheek contour but not so many women are naturally born with them.

Luckily, cosmetic procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, can help you to get the look you want. Redefine your cheeks with enhancement and augmentation procedures for the feminine features you really want.

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Celebrity Plastic Surgeries You Never Knew About

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries You Never Knew AboutWhen most prospective patients begin the planning stages of their own surgeries, they are often concerned that others will notice the changes. The success of any plastic surgery can be determined by how natural the results look. Sometimes the subtlest of changes can create the most powerful results while looking the most natural, as some of Hollywood’s biggest names might agree. In fact, these celebrities’ results look so natural on them that you might not have even known they had surgery in the first place!

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Are Rhinoplasty Surgeries Different for Men?

Are Rhinoplasty Surgeries Different for Men?Although facial plastic surgeries like rhinoplasty are still largely more popular among women, men can also benefit from these procedures. Rhinoplasty is available to both male and female patients alike and the number of prospective male rhinoplasty patients is actually on the rise. Rhinoplasty patients, regardless of gender, can pursue this surgery to achieve facial symmetry, profile balance, improved self-esteem, and harmony among their facial features. Male patients see the same benefits as women, but will their surgery be performed in the same way?

Men as Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Let’s start at the beginning of the surgical process and discuss the initial rhinoplasty consultation between the facial plastic surgeon and the male patient. During this meeting, every male and female patient alike will be asked specific questions about their medical history, surgical history, current conditions, medications and supplements, and even lifestyle habits. Your facial plastic surgeon asks these questions to get a better understanding of your health, since it is important that you be in good physical condition prior to your surgery. To be a candidate, all patients must not smoke and should have reasonable expectations for surgery.

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Reclaiming Lost Hair From Burn Trauma

Reclaiming Lost Hair From Burn TraumaBurn trauma can leave behind both physical and emotional scars. Unfortunately, burning accidents are all too common among children and adults as kitchen appliances, smoking, candles, and lighters are within nearly every home in the U.S. As a victim of a burn trauma, you may experience hair loss and trauma to the scalp, making it difficult to grow new hair and reclaim some of your physical characteristics again. Through the process of hair transplantation, surgeons are now able to help many burn victims to begin recovering inside and out.

Features of Burn Trauma on the Scalp

When the hair and scalp are involved in a burning accident, permanent hair loss is often one of the results. Many burn victims also experience thick scar tissue along the area of the scalp and face, making surgical interventions seem more difficult. Blood supply can become a concern as well, especially to the scarred areas. Various side effects can also occur based on the type of burns and degree of trauma sustained. Your hair transplant specialist can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your trauma effects and a comprehensive plan to replace hair to the affected area.

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When Can I Qualify for a Safe Revision Rhinoplasty?

When Is It Safe to Consider a Revision Rhinoplasty?After healing from your first rhinoplasty, it’s unlikely that you’re eager to plan yet another surgery.

In some cases, however, rhinoplasty patients find themselves seeking out a facial plastic surgeon to perform a revision and change their nasal structure further.

Planning a second surgery can be a delicate process that must take into account many different factors. Your reasons for surgery, the results you hope to see, and the time that has passed since your first surgery are all important as you consider a revision rhinoplasty.

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